Bali Kids Tour

Specialized Tour for Kids and Family

Why Bali Kids Tour

Now Everyone Happy!

  1. You want to spend some quality time together with your spouse or do business trip without your kids tailing on you or you have a different destination interest with your kids. =D
  2. The only tour that specialized for kids between the age of 4-17 years old with mission to love nature, conserve and act.
  3. Handpicked kids friendly destination and activities with experienced and kids loving chaperone in safe environment.
  4. Your kids will learn about Balinese traditional culture; food, animals, art, music and nature.
  5. Make new friends with other kids from other parts of the world.
  6. World best…(read more)

All the destinations are personally surveyed by our safety team to ensure the maximum safety and pure fun for your children to play.

Here are some of the destinations that your child will enjoy:
Bali Zoo, Kemenuh Butterfly Park, Bali Treetop, Monkey Forest in Ubud, etc.

Child Friendly Destinations

Sit back and enjoy your quality time without your children! It's GUILT FREE!!!

Go to places or do the activities that you can’t go or do when your children tailing on you such as diving, snorkling, spa, message, shopping, romantic lunch, etc. As parents you know you need this quality time. You know your children are having fun without you too…right?! 😀 Don’t worry, we’ll take care your children for a day!

We also have special tour package for parents, moms and dads only. Check out the tour packages below!


Come and join the thrill and excitement of Bali's culture and nature with Bali Kids Tour in safe and fun environement!

Ubud Monkey Forest & Pondok Pekak

The Culture

For your kids who like to wood or fruit carving, learn Balinese traditional music and dance

Bali Treetop Adventure

The Tree Hugger

For your kids who like to swing and hug the tree

Bounce Bali & Strike Ten

The Jumpy Bowlers

For your kids who like to jump and bowl

Bali Bird Park & Kemenuh Butterfly Park

The Animals

For your kids who marveled when they see Birds and Butterflies.

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Kemenuh Butterfly Park & Bali Zoo

The Crazy Animals

For your kids who run into the animal when they see one.

Bali Zoo

The Zoo Landers

For your kids who like to zooing around.

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“My kids had such a great time. Everything went over smoothly and the chaperone was very knowledgeable and attentive to my kids. My kids keep talk about the experience even when we got back to our home country. I would absolutely recommend Bali Kids Tour to anyone. They really exceeded my expectations. I know my kids will be back for sure!”
Gloria Taylor
The Happy Parent
"We had an amazing time with my wife alone because I sent my kids to Bali Kids Tour for a day. They had fun and kept talk about the nature conservation all the time and would plan trees at home. The chaperone was fun and very friendly to our kids. Thank you Bali Kids Tour and would recommend to my friend who will be coming to Bali soon."
Richard Gregory
The Happy Parent

Private family & parents tour packages

While your kids are away and touring with us, here are some of the tours that you can join!

Private Family Tour

If you can't get away from your kids and would rather tour as a family, this package is for you. Experience the world class tour service with all inclusive package.

Parents Tour (coming soon)

While your kids are away and touring with us, you can do any adventure activities to your heart content. This special tour package is design with parents in mind!

Batman Tour (coming soon) deserved your special alone time and do your own activities. Meet and join with other Batman from other part of the world to do some exciting adventure

Wonder Woman Tour (coming soon) are special. You are the Wonder Woman in the family. And sometimes the Wonder Woman needs a brake and socialize with other Wonder Woman too right? So come meet and join other Wonder Woman from other part of the world for relaxing activities that you deserve! Special Wonder Woman treatment!
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