Our Story

I love you guys, but I love your mom more.

One day Batman and his wife, the Wonder Woman took their 3 kids, the three stooges, went on vacation to Bali. After several days travelled with their kids, Batman wanted to spend time together with Wonder Woman without the three stooges tailing them. "Babe, let's spend some time together without the three stooges! We could go to the beach and spa tomorrow and do something something...just two of us!" Batman asked Wonder Woman Without any hesitation the Wonder Woman say "Yessss...let's do that!!! But how about these 3 stooges? What are we going to do with them???" Being a responsible dad and tried to please everyone in the family, Batman won't let his free time with Wonder Woman ruined by the three stooges, he Googled "Day Care" and showed some of the good one to Wonder Woman. And Wonder Woman being the best mom in the world wide of mommies told Batman "Batman…I know we love our kidos, and they could be criminals sometimes. I don't think its a good idea to put them in a daycare. They'll get bored easily and they will destroy and blow-up the Day Care the minute we left them there! You know how they are so high-spirited.“ "Yes, you right! I wish they could spend time outdoor for a day without us, so they could have their own time and we could have our own time too at the same time. Guilt free!" Batman replied. Batman Googled again about kids tour company in Bali but couldn't find any. Hi there! Welcome to Bali Kids Tour! I'm sure you have been in the similar situation like us while you are on your vacation. You wanted to spend time together with your spouse or you need to run errand for a day but can't or don't want to bring your kids with you for one reason or another. Daycare seems to be not the best option, because you already put them in daycare while you are not vacationing in where you live. Bali Kids Tour will guarantee you for "Guilt Free" feeling. Hello…! My name is Batman a.k.a Yung, from Bogor, Indonesia. I love to travel and do outdoor activities. When I travel I always bring my wife and my 3 kids with me. I'd like to show and share with them the adventure, local culture and the beauty of nature. There are times during our vacation, me and my wife wanted to spend our quality time together; to recharge and reconnect our relationship. Just the two of us, without the kids tailing behind us. Don't get me wrong, I love my kids but to spend the quality time together even just for a day during vacation with my wife is also important. We could put our kids in a Day Care for a day, that's the best option for us BUT NOT for the kids. My kids are so adventurous, active and energetic. To put them in a Day Care is like putting them in a cage and throw bunch of toys. I will feel bad if I do that. I know they are not going to be happy and I would worry about their being. During vacation I encourage them to learn new things; learn the local culture and language, try the local food, interact with the locals, see and feel the beauty of local nature, sing and dance with the locals, etc. That's what I call a vacation. Based on my personal experience, I started Bali Kids Tour. Its a specialized tour for kids in Bali with you as a parent and your kids in mind. Its fun, adventurous, entertaining and educational tour for your kids. Besides that, your kids will get a chance to meet and make new friends with other children from other country. You as parents can spend your quality time together or do business without feeling guilty and worry if your kids are going to have fun or not. Its guilt free for the parents and guaranteed fun times for the kids. Bali Kids Tour will take your kids to explore Bali's local culture in a safe environment with experience, kids loving chaperone. Any children starting the age of 4-17 years old are welcome to explore Bali with us. To ensure to give the most memorable vacation for your kids, we limit up to 8 children and no longer than 8 hours per-trip. Some of destinations are Bali Bird Park, Ubud Monkey Forest, Kemenuh Butterfly Park, Pondok Pekak Library, Bali Botanical Garden, TreeTop, Bali Equestrian, Pererenan Beach, and many more. I took all my kids to most these destinations and they had fun time. Each destination is handpicked and surveyed thoroughly to be sure that its kids friendly and will give the best memorable vacation experience in Bali for your kids. Your kids will have the option of learn Balinese traditional dance, cook some of Balinese food, wood or food carving, learn Gamelan, and many more. All the package are inclusive including healthy lunch, snack, and unlimited supply of drinking water. We'll take care of everything so you as a parent don't have to worry about a thing. We hope you have the best vacation ever in Bali and will entrust Bali Kids Tour to make the best memorable vacation for your kids in Bali. See you soon!

Our Mission

Bali Kids Travel is a travel company specializing in taking kids travelling around Bali and it's a guilt free feeling for the parents who can’t spend time with their children. Our mission is to engage children in outdoor activites with fun, adventure and educational tours in safe and family atmosphere.

The "Never So Serious" Team

WARNING!!! They are contagious!

Hilton Paris Nicole

Hilton Paris Nicole

Inspirational (the three stooges/the clueless staffs)
Yup...that's really their name. I named them after you know who... They are the inspiration of how the Bali Kids Tour was created.


Anything goes Dad
Loves motorcycle touring, dislike routines, can't function well without coffee.


The Wonder Woman (graphics/planning)
Silent but hilarious. Love Japanese food. Run away when she sees lizard.

Careers With Us

If you love kids, love adventure, believe the unbelievable, dream the impossible, never take "no" for answer, the sky is your roof, the sun is your best friend, your next trip is to the Mars, rabbit really lives on the moon, everyday is holiday, the tree hits the car, what you don't know you can learn...Please let us know! We need more people like you in our team.

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