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Safety and fun at the same time is always our top priority. As parents we know that there is no fun without safety first. We watch our kids with eagle eyes because they are so precious and we'll do the same way with your kids too. Our safety start from our chaperon. All our chaperons are parents and members of Himpunan Pramuwisata Bali, Indonesia (Indonesian Local Guide Organization). The most trusted local guide organization in Indonesia. They have been go through First Aid and CPR trainning just in case in emergency situation. Its mandatory training that they have to take twice a year. During the trip all the chaperons focus is on your kids safety and fun. Nothing else matters! You can tracked the progress of the trip via Whatsapp's share live location in private group. The chaperon will send pictures every two hours so you know how happy your kids are. All the destinations are surveyed personally to be sure its safe and kids friendly.


Please make sure that your kids are in healthy and fit condition to take the tour. Some of the tour required long walking. Please do let us know in the form if your kids have a special condition (allergy, asthma, any medication that they should take during the trip, etc) that we need to be aware off. Your kids must be able to go to the restroom, change clothes, and eat by themselves. The chaperon will wait outside by the restroom front door and not allowed to go inside together with your kids.

Things to bring

Fun, adventurous, and curiosity spirit first and foremost. Other than that nothing really besides; changing cloth, favorite snacks (although we provide some healthy sncaks), some medication (should your kids need to take during the trip. PLEASE DO LET US KNOW!)


The trip is very safe.  All Bali Kids Tour trips and venues are surveyed & examined by our staff to ensure your children safety.  Our Chaperones also responsible for your kids well being and safety.   

All the chaperones have passion for kids.  It’s the first requirement to become the chaperone in Bali Kids Tour.  The second requirement is they need to love nature and loves to travel.  The chaperones comes from many background, some of them are kindergarten teachers, language teachers, and tour guides and they are all registered members of Himpunan Pramuwisata Bali, Indonesia (Indonesian Local Guide Organization). The most trusted local guide organization in Indonesia.  They have many years of experience for taking kids doing outdoor activities.  During the trip all the chaperons focus is on your kids safety and fun. Nothing else matters!

Sure…if you have free time and has no other things to do…come and join us to see the wonderful Bali with your kids and maybe make friends with other parents from other part of the world.  The cost for you to travel is free, you only need to pay the entrance fee and or other activities fee.  So contact us if you plan to come and join us for the trip so we reserved special spot for you mom and dad!

Trip Preparation

Fun, adventurous, and curiosity spirit first and foremost. Other than that nothing really to bring.  Oh…please wear comfortable clothe and comfortable shoes.  Optional things to bring: extra cloth, hat, sunscreen, towel, sun glasses, jacket or sweater or anything that can make your kids have fun and comfortable during the trip.

Yes, off course just in case they want to purchase some things they might love.  Your kids need to keep the money by themselves because the chaperon is not allow to receive or keep some money from you or your kids.  For the younger child we will help them to do the transaction and give you any receipt.  Please use Rupiah keep the amount smaller than Rp. 200,000 (Two Hundred Thousand Rupiah or equal to $20 USD) 

-Most of the tour require long walking, please make sure your children are in fit condition to take the tour.
-The chaperone will email you their contact information and picture 2 days before the tour, so you and your children will be familiar with the chaperone.
-All the staff and management are not responsible for lost or stolen belongings.

Although Bali is in tropical climate with some of the area are very humid.  During dry season, local rain can pour at any time. Rainy season start in October-March.  The tour will proceed rain or shine.

To ensure the trip running smooth and efficient, please meet us at the main lobby at Discovery Mall, Kuta, Bali.  Click here for the direction!  Our staff and chaperone will wear Bali Kids Tour T-Shirt and ID Card.  

-For safety reason, only the same person who drop off your children can pick them up when the tour end at the meeting point.  No exception!
-Please make sure our chaperone are the one who pick-up your children.  Their picture will be emailed to you two days before the trip along with all their information.  They will be wearing Bali Kids Tour uniform and ID card.


Full payment must be received when you book the tour package to reserved the seats for your children.

We received any type off cards via PayPal processing; Visa, Master Card, American Express, etc.

We really want your child to come and explore Bali with us.  But in case you need to cancel or change your plan, full refund is given up to 7 days before the trip start.  Within the 7 days, unfortunately we can’t give you any refund just because we already booked your child’s spot in advance.  We really hope that your child can come and play with us.

Yes, you can transfer the spot to other child up to 2 days before the trip. (same package)  You need to contact us in advance via email, please have these information ready for us: invoice number and amount, the date of the trip, name of the child & parents, and contact number.

During the trip

About 1-2 days prior to the trip, we will invite you to join a temporary private Whatapp group.  During the trip we will update you every two hours about the trip progress, activities and pictures from the trip via private Whatsapp group.

Healthy lunch and snacks

Food is part of your child new experience.  Well, while your kids in Bali, why not eat like Balinese!  Balinese non spicy traditional food is on their menu for lunch.  The exotic and healthy fruit and vegetables such as Salak Bali (Snake Fruit), Nanas (Pineapple), Manggis (Mangosteen), Rambutan (Hairy Fruit), Kelapa Hijau (Green Coconut), Pomelo (Jeruk Bali), etc.

Off course they can!

Some of the food may contain peanuts and or other allergen.  Please do let us know if your child has an allergy reaction to certain food, we’ll do our best to accommodate him/her.  

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