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Specialized Tour for Kids and Family

Why Tour With Us

For over 6 years, we have gained more experience organizing kids trips in Bali than other local tour company.

Safety First

There is no fun without the safety first. We are fully committed to your kids safety & fun during the trip.

World's Best Chaperone

Our chaperone will also act as guide. They are fun, kids hugger, and will be very attentive to the needs of your kids during the trip.

Experience of a Lifetime

We provide an adventure like nothing your kids ever experienced before.

First & Only

The only day tour that specialized for kids between the age of 4-17 years old with mission to love nature, conserve and act.

Kids Friendly Destinations

Handpicked kids friendly destination and activities with experienced and kids loving chaperone in safe environment.

Be Local

Your kids will learn about Balinese traditional culture; food, animals, art, music and nature.


Meet and make new friends with other kids from other parts of the world.

Quality Time

You want to spend some quality time together with your spouse or do business trip without your kids tailing on you or you have a different destination interest with your kids. =D

Healthy Lunch

All tour packages are inclusive including healthy lunch, snacks and unlimited drinking waters.  So you don't have to worry about a thing.

Live Tracking

You can live track the trip progress via Whatsapp private group and we'll send pictures update every two hours.

Building Up the Local Community

Some of the profit goes to the people that matter to our heart the most: Orphanages.

What's Included

Worry not about a thing! All our tour packages are inclusive including healthy lunch, snacks and unlimited drinking water so there is no surprises!

FREE Pickup and Drop-off at Discovery, Mall, Kuta. Bali.

For your convenience and to save your children's time, we arrange the pickup and drop-off point at the most strategic location.

Big, Spacious, Deluxe Bus

We understand the journey is also the beginning of the wonderful experience therefore we don't cramp your child into a small car. Our bus is Toyota HiAce which seats comfortably for up to 12 adults, but for the comfort of your child we only take maximum 8 children per-bus so they can be comfortable during the journey.

Kids Loving Chaperone & Certified Tour Leader

You can be sure that your kids are in the care and loving hand. Your children's chaperone comes from many background, from kindergarten teachers to real moms and dads. One thing for sure is they love children. All of them are certified tour guide from Association of Indonesian Tour Guide of Bali (HPI Bali)

Entrance, Parking Fees, ETC

You name all the fees, and yes they are all included. No worries...No surprises!

Healthy Lunch, Snacks and Unlimited Drinking Water

Never worry about your kids being hungry or thirsty.

Accidental Insurance Included (supplemental)

The only feature in our package that we hope we will never use it. But just in case mishap happen, your children are covered by the supplemental accidental insurance. The insurance will cover some of the emergency treatment, hospital stays, and medical exams.

Best Moment...Shared

During the trip we will keep update and share pictures with you through WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram so its like you are always with them.

Our Tours

Enjoy a full guided, all inclusive with healthy lunch and snack. It will be the best memorable experience of a lifetime for your kids.

Ubud Monkey Forest & Pondok Pekak

The Culture

For your kids who like to wood or fruit carving, learn Balinese traditional music and dance

Bali Treetop Adventure

The Tree Hugger

For your kids who like to swing and hug the tree

Bounce Bali & Strike Ten

The Jumpy Bowlers

For your kids who like to jump and bowl

Bali Bird Park & Kemenuh Butterfly Park

The Animals

For your kids who marveled when they see Birds and Butterflies.

View Tour
Kemenuh Butterfly Park & Bali Zoo

The Crazy Animals

For your kids who run into the animal when they see one.

Bali Zoo

The Zoo Landers

For your kids who like to zooing around.

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